Friday, December 16, 2005


E-Bay Sellers Shilling

Have you had any experience with sellers on E-Bay Shilling? I have, many times, and E-Bay does not answer the complaints.
This procedure eliminates the possibility of true bidding, and all the shilled items sell for more than they should, or do not sell, once you catch on to the deal.
It would be easier if they just put a reserve high enough, but then many people will not bid, as you know the reserve is probably higher than the true value.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Sun Trust Bank

Anyone out there having problems with Sun Trust Bank charging your account fees unnecessarily and then not adjusting them? We are looking for people with this same problem, as we are ready to sue them for improper fees and charges, and this may just be the tip of the iceberg.


National Instruments Lookout

We are using National Instruments Lookout ver 6. Have been using it since version 4. They do not seem to have any people that really know this system. Any experiences like this?



Anyone using these programs? We have it, but seems of little use.



We are trying to use the NOAA ENC charts, but they do not seem to have charts that cover the coastal areas for the whole country.
Anyone has experience with this?


Capn Voyager Version 7.5.0

This program has not worked for us since day one. We have had this program from the first version, and the tech support is of no use. Do you have similar issues?


Nobeltec Navigation Issues

We have lots of problems with Nobeltec Navigation (Admiral). Do you have any issues running this software on your boat. We have been using it for many years, since version one.

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