Friday, December 16, 2005


E-Bay Sellers Shilling

Have you had any experience with sellers on E-Bay Shilling? I have, many times, and E-Bay does not answer the complaints.
This procedure eliminates the possibility of true bidding, and all the shilled items sell for more than they should, or do not sell, once you catch on to the deal.
It would be easier if they just put a reserve high enough, but then many people will not bid, as you know the reserve is probably higher than the true value.

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Bid shilling is rampant on eBAY. That's why you should just put in your best bid and don't return to the item til the auction is over. If you get into a bidding war..its usually with a remote bidder related to the seller. Its impossible for eBay to control put in one bid and that's it! Walk away.
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